Continuous Delivery and IBM Data Power 

DeployHub supports Data Power Updates for Continuous Deployments

Include in your continuous delivery process updates to IBM Data Power configurations. Due to its agentless architecture, DeployHub can easily include IBM Data Power gateway configurations as part of your application deployment package and called as part of your continuous deploy workflow. An IBM Data Power gateway is a web appliance that provides security and load-balancing for standard web and mobile applications as well as providing SOA and API traffic management.

Data Power configuration changes are sometimes required as part of an application deployment. With traditional deployment approaches, these changes have to be manually applied breaking the rhythm of agile and stopping the continuous deploy from moving across the continuous delivery pipeline. DeployHub allows you to automate the Data Power configuration updates making manual waterfall steps disappear.  DeployHub has built-in actions that allow zip files to be read, converted to base-64 and embedded into an out-going SOAP message which can then be posted to the Data Power gateway.

DeployHub can audit your Data Power configuration changes by creating them as a “versioned component” and including them in the DeployHub Application Version just like any other component (such as database changes, application code and any Ansible infrastructure). This allows DeployHub to know which configuration is currently installed on each Data Power gateway and can apply rollbacks and roll forwards of the configurations as part of the application deployment process.  


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