Mature CloudBees Continuous Delivery with DeployHub 

Integrate DeployHub into your Continuous Delivery Pipeline for full Continuous Deployment


Mature continuous delivery can be achieved using DeployHub to drive continuous deployment supporting all life cycle stages including Production.  DeployHub includes plugins to Jenkins and the CloudBees Jenkins pipeline to make continuous deployment a reality.  

With traditional deployment approaches organizations face the fact that they have invested in continuous delivery and agile, but code is still not moving into production at an agile pace. Traditional approaches differ from the way developers do deployments. CloudBees continuous delivery without Deployhub
They are built for stability and are viewed as a burden when extended to development environments. So instead, agile development teams define their own low-cost, one-off scripts to be called by the Continuous integration engine for development and testing environments. These scripts do not easily adapt to production, resulting in great new features languishing in a 'staged' area waiting to be moved to production in a waterfall rhythm - not agile.


The solution, integrate DeployHub into the CD pipeline. By integrating DeployHub into the CD process, deployments can be supported across the pipeline, even when the environments are mixed, making waterfall practices disappear and creating the foundation for continuous deployment.  And no end target agents are required, allowing production teams to more easily adopt what has been defined by developers.  

CloudBees Continuous Delivery


Continuous Delivery Demo with CloudBees, DeployHub (formerly Release Engineer) and Jenkins


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