Using Chef or Puppet and DeployHub for Software Delivery 

Include infrastructure configuration management with your application release

Chef or Puppet can be integrated into DeployHub allowing you to create a software delivery package that includes all required components. Incorporating the IT stack changes into the application package is the easiest way to guarantee a successful Continuous Deployment process that addresses the entire ecosystem. Changes to the IT Stack pushed by continuous delivery are versioned and traced along with your application deployment keeping a history of all the moving parts in a central location.  You can easily rollback or roll forward code changes with the infrastructure changes and version the combined package. Using DeployHub with Chef or Puppet does not require that you create an RPM for your Application Stack. Your DeployHub workflow can be defined to coordinate the IT stack updates, calling out to Chef or Puppet, with the Application stack updates in the correct order.    

DeployHub integrated with Chef and Puppet

DeployHub supports Chef or Puppet by allowing you to define your existing Chef and Puppet processes as a DeployHub Component and Action. DeployHub will call your Chef or Puppet process as part of your application deployment and track any changes to those processes over time.  Using existing IT configuration management processes allows you to jump start your release process without replacing the work you have already.   





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